For our December 2016 Concert, “O Be Joyful!”

The sound was like in a basilica.

I loved your concert. Especially the African piece.

I brought my mom and a couple of her friends. They really loved it. One is disabled and had to sit in a different place from us. She said that at the end when the chorus went into the crowd, singers joined hands with her and serenaded her. She was so happy after.

I closed my eyes and was transported.

The concert was uplifting and joyful and inspiring and consoling.

The sound seemed to focus where I sat and it was extraordinary.

I loved your concert. Especially the African piece.

The last song had me in tears.

It was different… hard to put into words… Peaceful.

What an ambitious program – well done! I don’t think I mentioned that I played piano for ‘A Jubilant Song’ in college, with Dello Joio conducting!… Your pianist was super! I have been crazy about the piece ever since we did it, and in fact, bought myself a copy a couple of months ago, before I ever knew I would have a chance to see/hear it again.