For our May 2017 Concert, “Mass of the Children”

…with the caliber of this work, (you) should be taking it to Boston.

It was a great concert!  The program was well chosen, the Chorale sounded the best and most polished that I have heard over the last five years and your new conductor is impressive.

Wow!! What a beautiful & uplifting concert. It’s going to be hard to top that one!!

Gosh, but y’all sounded fantastic in Orleans today.

My face was red from crying, it was so beautiful.  My favorite so far.  It seemed like the whole choir was really attached to the program, passionate and focused and proud.

I was expecting a nice community choir but this was so much more! I was so impressed! So professional! I don’t need to go to Boston anymore! Amazing! Fantastic!  You sounded even better than last time!

Did not want it to end! 

Just want to thank you for a wonderful evening of music. Your eclectic but cohesive choice of music was perfect.

Thank you for last night…the concert was thrilling!

Thanks for a fabulous evening.

Wow, that was so beautiful this afternoon! Congratulations!!

Rutter would have been delighted with the job you did on “Mass of the Children”. During our time in England we heard many choral groups perform many Rutter pieces. You folks out did them all!!

This was a very touching performance and we all thought it was a special occasion.

Well done, and thanks for making our evening one to remember.

For our December 2016 Concert, “O Be Joyful!”

The sound was like in a basilica.

I loved your concert. Especially the African piece.

I brought my mom and a couple of her friends. They really loved it. One is disabled and had to sit in a different place from us. She said that at the end when the chorus went into the crowd, singers joined hands with her and serenaded her. She was so happy after.

I closed my eyes and was transported.

The concert was uplifting and joyful and inspiring and consoling.

The sound seemed to focus where I sat and it was extraordinary.

I loved your concert. Especially the African piece.

The last song had me in tears.

It was different… hard to put into words… Peaceful.

What an ambitious program – well done! I don’t think I mentioned that I played piano for ‘A Jubilant Song’ in college, with Dello Joio conducting!… Your pianist was super! I have been crazy about the piece ever since we did it, and in fact, bought myself a copy a couple of months ago, before I ever knew I would have a chance to see/hear it again.