Oh, weren’t we grand – I’m sure the “magnificats” are a worn out metaphor by now.  But we did master those trills and frills and 16th notes.  Allison always gets us there, even though we begin thick tongued and drag our feet (as it were) and fall flat during warm ups.  “Tatatata Tatatata Tatatata Tatatata” took us to the next level and there we were off and running – as it were.

A tour de force surely – from our vantage point and that of the audiences.  But that was last year.  And now into the New Year.  May 2020 be a year full of joyful song, strong spirits and greater harmony for all of us – in ever expanding circles of inclusion and relation to one another and to Mother Earth.

Love to all, thanks to all, elaine

by Elaine Baskin