Enough of winter break, it’s time to sing!

I don’t know about you, but after a month and a half of musically structure-less days I’m ready to dig into some new music, set my weekly goals, and set off on a new journey with the Chorale.

That first night you can always feel the buzz of anticipation. What will we be singing? Who will be at rehearsal? Yay! There are lots of old friends and some new singers, too.

A hearty welcome to everyone! As a long timer who has sung with the Chorale since the group started up in 2002, the first night excitement never fails to make me feel like I belong to a very special organization with nothing but benefits. We sing because we love it, we work hard because we understand our individual value to the music we make together, and when we go home from a night of singing we can always feel that we have made progress, learned, grown, often healed. If you have sung with us before you know this. If you are new you will soon find this out.

As always, Allison has a vision for our musical repertoire and a road map to get us there. I love the guide sheet she has prepared listing the details to pay attention to for each song. It takes some of the mystery out of the order and the cuts and where your part sings or doesn’t. Thank you for that, Allison. And for your enthusiasm and energy!

Let the journey begin…

-Martha Magane