Welcome, Friends of the Outer Cape Chorale!  This season, we’re trying something new – a blog to share perspectives about our Fall 2018 season, from the start of rehearsals through the concerts themselves.  We hope to have a few different authors contribute to the blog as we go along.

Soooooooo, here goes!  Thursday, September 6th was our first rehearsal of the Fall 2018 season.  It was exciting – as it always is – to see all the returning singers (and several new singers) come thru the doors.  By 6:15, the line at the sign-in table was actually outside!  People were smiling and laughing, giving each other hugs and chatting about their summers.  Even though we haven’t seen many of our singing colleagues since May, it felt like we never left.

Carl, Curtis, Chris, Kat, Madir, and other members of the set-up crew had already assembled the chairs, moved the piano, and hooked up the microphone and speakers.  Kathleen set up our Member Matters table.  Barbara helped people sign-in and answered questions.  Sue, Janice, and Fred took in the dues and handed out the music and practice CDs for the December concert.  Rita welcomed new singers and helped them register, Mary Alice, Amy, Mary, and others guided them to their sections and introduced them to other singers. 

It might have looked chaotic, but soon Allison was leading us in our first “oooooh” and into our vocal warm-ups.  Suddenly, we were a group, an ensemble, a chorus – ready to join together making music and to delve into the new music in our hands. 

One of the things that fascinates me at every first rehearsal is how quickly we actually begin singing phrases from the pieces.  For many of us, the music is completely new!  But Allison focuses us on a section of the music and Arthur plays our notes for us.  And there we are, singing short passages in four (or more) parts.  And we sounded good!  It’s so encouraging to make immediate progress.  We must have a very smart Artistic Director!

As it usually does, the rehearsal flew by.  Soon everyone was stacking chairs, hugging goodbye, and heading home.  For me, as it is pretty much every time, it was the best two hours of my week!  Can’t wait until next Thursday!

– Jeff Tagen