Learn about the music we sing!

Each season, our singers take a musical journey, learning to sing the pieces in our concert programs.  But there is another dimension as well – understanding the history, context, and framework of the music we sing.

For the Outer Cape Chorale’s “Songs to Light the Way” concert, we are sharing two informal talks authored and presented by OCC singers for the other singers.  We hope you enjoy them!

The Outer Cape Chorale’s Winter Concert, “Songs to Light the Way,” includes “Frostiana” by Randall Thompson – The poetry of Robert Frost
In this video, Marca Daley offers an approach to understanding three poems:  The Road Not Taken, Choose Something Like a Star, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.
The focus of the talk is on poetic techniques and how the poet Frost and Composer Thompson use them to create mood, movement, and meaning.

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Klezmer Music, the blend of Ashkenazi Jewish and Eastern European folk lore and musical styles, is passionate and expressive.  The clarinet wails, the violin (that one fiddlin’ from the roof!) haunts us, and at the same sparks joy and celebration.
The Outer Cape Chorale sings one song in the December 2022 concert that is a Klezmer piece: Hine Ma Tov.  In this short video, by Kathleen Henry, we learn a little about the history of Klezmer and the theological underpinnings of the development of the music.  Enjoy!

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