For the past forty years, choral singing on the Outer Cape has been a seasonal pleasure for me.  I like the structure of rehearsals, getting to know the music, sometimes doing a complete turnaround when it comes to disliking or liking a piece–though usually familiarity breeds appreciation (and earworms) rather than contempt.  Over the years I have met many “singing friends” and others I’d call friends.  This continuity, the repeated gathering each spring and fall, the faces I have come to know and enjoy, the language of music we all share, is all a balm to my soul.

So, the abrupt cancellation of so many things we have taken for granted all our lives–our freedom to do as we wish, go where we wish, gather as we wish–has also given me an (also abrupt) new appreciation for the things I enjoy.  Time has never hung heavy on my hands, but time seems different right now.  I truly thought all of the time away from my commitments would lead to a tidier house.  Instead, I’m finding that it’s leading to a tidier mind.  Cleaning out the “must do” part leaves a lot of room.  I find myself rearranging my priorities, caring a little more for the minutes and hours that make up a day.  Ordinary around the house routines have taken on a life of their own.  I don’t just feed the cats every afternoon, I perform the miracle of the can–with a little music.  No need to hurry the yard clean-up–I’ll lie on the couch and dream a little!  This quiet stuff is nice–for a while.

We have yet to find out how long that while will be.  One thing I know is that when we start to sing together again I’ll be there, no doubt with an even greater appreciation for the music we make together, and definitely with a much tidier mind.

Stay well, everyone!

By Martha Magane