Recently, I stepped outside to sing to the birds.  I started with “America” and the next day, I sang the “Star Spangled Banner”.  The birds were unimpressed.  There was no audience.  I have only one distant neighbor who could see me only if she had been outside on her deck.  She wasn’t.  Then I tried singing to my new kitty, Gracie.  She walked into the next room.  Now I was reduced to trying to whistle the bird song I heard as I walked down the road.  That was more successful.  At least some of the birds repeated their songs after I finished, but they may have been only doing their spring vocalizing and I was lucky in my timing.  I can’t really claim that I’m much of a bird whisperer.

So much for trying to find an audience.  I realized, though, how very much I miss using my voice to sing, and how much I miss my friends.  So stay well, ladies and gentlemen, until we are next able to joyfully come together again.  The photo shows Gracie learning to bird watch.  She’s a natural.

By Lisbeth Wiley Chapman, Second Soprano