I’ll Tell You Who!

Who cares?

Well, apparently the Chorale does.  Or the lovely individuals who make up the Chorale do.  I came back after missing last week due to a cold, and though I thought I could just blend in and catch up, no.  Several people asked me how I was feeling.  They seemed to have missed me.  This surprised me; there are over a hundred folks there every week.  Who can keep track of which person shows up or doesn’t?  These people.  They’re so nice!

Last night, well into the rehearsal, Kathleen Henry showed up, and Allison welcomed her.  She’d had a run-in with a snowbank blocking her driveway which had her car unable to move either forward or back.  When she reported that AAA had come, towed her out, then shoveled the icy bank away, the room murmured in sympathy, so warm.

There’s kindness here.  I see it all the time, in little ways.  One member brings candied ginger every week and passes it around to all of us as our blood sugar drops at the halftime break.  Another brings cut up apples (they’re supposed to be the best thing for the throat, something about the pH maybe).  In seasons past, one woman would bring a tiny piece of nature and leave it on Allison’s music stand each week.  And don’t get me started about the setup crew and board!  Every bloody week, they’re there, quietly working to make sure our experience is a positive one.

I like to think singers are special.  Maybe it’s because when we sing together for even a few minutes, our heart rates actually start to synch with one another.  Not just the rates, I’m thinking.

– Dianne Kopser, Soprano 2