The Carpool Divas

We are the “Carpool Divas”.  How we came to this name is for another time.  Every week, we begin the same way.  The group begins to assemble beginning in Brewster, where three of the Divas jump into one car and travel to Orleans.  There at the Stop and Shop parking lot, the remaining two Divas complete this happy band of singers.

Now to the seating arrangements!  As there are 5 of us and we all (or most) have RAV 4’s, the car resembles a sardine can and we are the top layer of sardines.  We buckle up.  The audio goes something like this – ” Should I sit in the middle I have the shortest legs?”  ” Are you sure you do not want to sit up front?”  ” Did you get in yet?”  ” Is it too tight?”  ” Oops, excuse my hand!”

Once we are all snuggled in, we are good to go off to Truro.  As we are all retired teachers, the conversation often turns to news from our friends from our previous schools, to politics (thankfully we’re all of one mind on most issues), to movies, to where we will go to celebrate after OCC’s opening night, and of course, the music pieces we are presently preparing.  We talk about the difficulties we may be having with a piece, which piece or pieces are our current favorites, and how every rehearsal is like a voice lesson!

Once rehearsal is over, we connect with other OCC friends, make bathroom runs, and assemble once more in the designated driver’s car.  We are tired but satisfied with the work we have done.  We also know what we each need to practice for the next rehearsal.  As the weeks roll by, we appreciate how much fun we have together every Thursday, realize how lucky we are to have met each other, and how fortunate we are to be making beautiful music with such a warm, welcoming, caring and always fun Outer Cape Chorale!

– Diane Carlson Carol Etzold Cathy Kautz JoAnn Phillips Nancy Sweeney