Turning the Last Corner and Seeing…

     …UGLY Sweaters!

Having had Thursday off from our rehearsal schedule to spend the day feasting with family and friends, we did catch up with an intense Saturday rehearsal (Allison is still taking notes, so we know there’s more work ahead!), running through the Faure and the Rutter, doing some backtracking to polish up some rough spots.  All while we sat there among some pretty interesting holiday outfits, a few embellished with flashing lights, others with garlands and bows, one shrunken sweater on the shoulder of a bass, and a couple of odd geometric prints which stood out from the tenor section.

After working for more than an hour, we were finally able to do what we all had come for:  vote on the most ugly sweater.  But I really have to question the term “ugly” in relation to loud, obnoxious holiday outfits.  When people look like decorated trees should they really be considered ugly?  Will leave that for you to figure out.

Ugly sweater wearers were called to the front of the group to strut their stuff.

The OCC Board chose the finalists.

The Chorale voted by singing a tone (loudest for the winners).  It was a clear choice.  The winners were:

Mary Avellar!                                                                             Kris Nasinnyk!


And, the proud recipients went away happier than a Publisher’s Clearing House winner with (1) for Kris, a Thomas Kinkade clock (perhaps regifted as it was in the box upside down) which plays a carol every hour.  Not sure if it came with a battery, but I bet it won’t have one after a few hours; AND (2), for Mary, a calendar of Shakespearean insults, one for each day.  Maybe we’ll have to avoid her next year as she might say something nasty like “You Greasy Joan, Go Keel the Pot!”

– Martha Magane


Do You Hear What I Hear?

To sing or not to sing?  There is NO question.
She stands on the podium, lifts up her arms.
He tickles the ivories with whimsical charms.
Music commences, it stops and it starts.
Remember dynamics, it comes from your heart.
Look up from your pages she chuckles and roars.
The music’s out here not in your scores!
To everyone’s wonder, delight and good cheer,
Our music is ready for All to hear!

– Mary Avellar