A Different Perspective

For the past few years I have been an alto.  I met wonderful singers and actually got to see Arthur at work from my place in the section!  This year I have really had the opportunity to see our chorale from different perspectives.  Every week, at the check-in table, I get to greet everyone.  There are smiles, and questions, and quick greetings.  Most importantly, and invariably, the joy everybody has when they walk in is palpable.  You can feel it.  Everyone wants to be here.  Everyone chooses to be here.  From behind the table I have had the chance to meet everyone!  What a wonderful perspective…. I so look forward to saying hello to each of you every week!

I also moved to a new section this semester.  I am a second soprano…who knew?  Certainly, not me.  I have been a happy alto since 4th grade.  Now, I look over at my alto friends as they wait patiently for their entrances and work magic with tricky harmony.  Some of them send winks or finger waves across the room.  I smile to see them all.  My new sop 2 friends have made me welcome.  The first few weeks several made sure to ask my name, share theirs, and offer a little friendship.  We, like the altos, often have tricky harmony to blend in with the rest.  Singing from this side of the room has given me a new view, another new perspective.

Of course, there is the music.  Allison often reminds us to think of the music in a certain, unique way.  To gain the right tone or have the right feeling we are asked to have a “Rockettes with feather fans moment” or “Wow, an owl!


One of my favorite comments, written in my score, is to “think of a French poodle!”  These unlikely directions help us with our musical perspective.  We all gain when we look at things in a new way.  I am so fortunate to have these new perspectives of the music and of our chorale. 

– Barb Honda