That Thing That Happens

Lately when I leave rehearsal I find myself saying, “Whew! That was a workout!”  Of course, mine is nothing compared to Allison’s.  She must burn a gazillion calories up there as she stretches her body and her imagination in an effort to help us sound our best.  Our reward for all our combined hard work?  Allison gets verclempt, teary, choked up – which, naturally for some of us, is contagious (sniff, sniff).

Again this week, that thing happened – parts I thought I knew pretty darn well while practicing with the CD somehow morphed into something I felt I’ve never heard before in my life.  It’s all those other people in the room; what a difference those other parts make!  I have heard some OCC members describe the same experience, which always brings comfort and some hope that I’ll know these pieces pretty darn well on Thursdays too… soon would be nice.

First altos stayed after to give Allison a little challenge with timbre order but, as always, she figured us out and “put us in our place(s).”  As we left the building she said, “What a fantastic rehearsal! I defy any chorale director to think their chorale is better!”  Gotta love her enthusiasm!

– Bonnie Bonse