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The Outer Cape Chorale is grateful our Business Patrons:

Provincetown Dental Arts
Cape Cod Five Foundation

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Your generous support allows us to present our concerts free to the public. Donations help to cover the costs of concert & rehearsal venues, instrumentalists, sheet music, programs, and other vital functions.

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Outer Cape Chorale
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We are truly grateful for all contributions, large and small. As a not-for-profit tax-exempt organization, your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The Outer Cape Choral thanks our Business Supporters:

Berta Walker Gallery
Truro Vineyards
David Marshall Datz



And thank you to our

2018 Chamber Singers Summer Season sponsor:


Bershire Hathaway / Sue Peters

Sue Peters, Broker Associate


The Outer Cape Chorale receives funding from the following organizations. Thank you!

Provincetown Tourism Board

Sponsored in part by the Provincetown Tourism Fund




Wellfleet, Brewster,
Eastham, Orleans

Our Program Advertisers

The following businesses and organizations advertise in our 2018 Concert Program book. We hope you will support them!

Ameriprise Financial
Anchorage on the Cove
The Art House
Artist Loft
Atlantic Spice Co.
Bayberry Gardens
Ben & Jerry’s Eastham
Berta Walker Gallery
Bird Watcher’s General Store
Blu Day Spa
Canteen / Happy Camper
Cape Cod Five
Sue Peters, Cape Shores Real Estate
Cape Symphony
Cape Tip Sportswear
The Chocolate Sparrow
Connie’s Bakery
David Marshall Datz, P.C.
Earth House
East End Books
East End Market
F.S. Morgan, Paintings of Wellfleet
Fanizzi’s Restaurant
Far Land Provisions
Frederick Studio

Global Gifts
Grassroots Landscaping
Great Music on Sundays @ 5
Harbor Lounge
Kathleen Henry
Honey Candle
Hopper Tours
Jules Besch Stationers
Dr. Gerard Kinahan, DMD
Kyle Ringquist Gallery
Dennis Lawton Furniture
Lewis Brothers Homemade Ice  Cream
Lobster Pot
Local Colour
Mac’s Seafood
MATE Provincetown
The Mews Restaurant & Café
Napi’s Restaurant
Nauset Flooring
Nut House
Maureen Osborne, PhD Counseling
Penney Patch Candies
Pilates School
Pine Moorings Cottages
Portuguese Bakery
Post Office Café and Cabaret

Provincetown Banner
Provincetown Bookshop
Provincetown Chamber of Commerce
Provincetown Dental Arts
Provincetown Fudge Factory
Ptown Bikes
Purple Feather Café
Salty Market
Scott Cakes
Seashore Point
Shalom’s Gift Shop
Shop Therapy
Song of Myself
Sperry Chiropractic
Spiritus, Bubala’s, Local 186
St. Mary of the Harbor
Tin Pan Alley
Truro Vineyards
Unitarian Universalist Meeting House,
Wellfleet Bookstore and Restaurant
Wellfleet Marketplace
West End Salon
Wilkinson & Associates Real Estate
Zinnia Jewelry

Our Donors

We are deeply grateful to the following people who have donated to the Chorale from May 2017 through April 2018.
Without you, we simply wouldn’t exist!

Encore ($1,000+)

Anonymous Friend of OCC
Jeannette Bragger
Rita Burke

Beau and Jennifer Clark
Joanne Verlinden and Marcia Dalbey
Martin and Kathleen Fogle

Kim Marrkand and Kathleen Henry
Susan Peters
Rick May and Jeff Tagen

Fortississimo ($500-$999)

Russ and Nancy  Braun
Carl and Sally Brotman
Tanya DeLorme and Peter Burnetter
Fred and Judith Gaechter

Margaret Gibbs
Dan Silverman and Janice Gray
John Hall
William Hill

Jennifer Shannon and Jane Lea
Regina Margolies
Audrey Stoddard and Jesselyn Tobin

Fortissimo ($200-$499)

Scott Allegretti
Elizabeth Aberdale and Tony Andrews
Lonni Briggs and William Carlson
Harmon and Ann Diers
Suzanne Doherty
Barbara and Donald Edwards
Robert and Celine Fahey
Gabby Hanna and Marcy Feller
Pamela and Ronald Fichtner

Francis and Sheila Filipowski
Florence and Arthur Green
Marty Hassell
William Shay and James Hood
Kay Kelley
Richard Valachovic and Mary Kay Leonard
Jane and Kevin Lowey
Alexandra MacDonald
Steve and Louise Mason

Madir Pels
Bertram and Marla Perkel
Richard Salmon and Mark Phillips
Michael Fisher and Paula Richman
Diane Brown and Malcolm Rose
Seamens Bank
John Sullivan
Fred and Susan Todd
Barbara Wood and Jay Vivian

Forte ($100-$199)

William Smith and Deborah Abbott
Richard and Joanne Baldauf
Virginia Barath
Mary Alice Wells and Cassandra Benson
David Evans and Lynn Bikofsky
Theodore and Pamela Borman
John Brewer
Dennis and Kathleen Bunnell
In Honor of Beth Chapman
David and Virginia Clarendon
Timothy and Carol Counihan
Kevin and Beryl Daley
Louise Venden and Sally Deane
Elizabeth Dickson
Linda and Robert Dixon
Eric Dray

Robert and Barbara Elliott
John Flores
Patricia Gilligan
Monique and Paul Goetinck
Victoria Goldsmith
Nancy Hall
Larry and Robin Higgins
Joan and Bob Holt
Gregory Howe
Amy Howell
Tom Jahnke
Kip Keene
Barbara Knapp
Earl and Sharon Krause
Janet LaTanzi
Robert Lindquist

Kevin and Martha Magane
Helga and Joerg Meixner
David Mills
Stephen and Kristine Nasinnyk
Melora North
Kenneth Okin
William and Nina Opel
Judith and Richard Pesce
John and Joanne Phillips
Stephen Roehm
Irwin and Sandra Schorr
Patricia Shannon
Peter and Dilys Staaterman
Nancy Sweeney
Pat McDonald and Tim Welles
Wendy Willard

Mezzoforte ($20-$99)

Jody Anastasio
June Martin and Laurie Appleby
Robert and Marian Averback
Michael Bagley
Kathleen Baker
John Vasconcellos and William Barr
Charles and Stephanie Bartlett
George and Marguerite Bartlett
Maggie Bartlett
Elaine Baskin
Nancy and Mike Berlin
Anne Marie Berry
Nancy Blanchard
Margaret Bossi
Emily Bost
Joanne Broderick
Bonnie Brown-Bonse
Cindy Rosenbaum and Rebecca Bruyn
Margaret Connolly and Carol Burton
Joseph and Sharon Buteau
Cynthia Caldwell
David and Diane Carlson
Patricia Carpaso
Barbara Cary
Anne Kenney Chaplin
Kenneth Chase
John and Joanne Coghill
Howard Cole
Joseph and Louise Colletti
Jeffrey Love and Kathleen Collins
Rigney and Robert Cunningham
Janet Cymbala
Adrian Cyr
Steven Reynolds and Shelley Dawson
Michael Harnett and Roslyn Diamond

William Dowling
Susan Eenigenberg
Peter Trainer and Carol Etzold
Frank and Eleanora Fisher
Philip Francini
Judith Fueyo
N.and K. Goddard
Laura Goldsmith
Carol and Robert Gormon
Padric Meagher and Michael Guy
Kitty Cotter and Dian Hamilton
Elizabeth Haskell
HH Snow and Sons
Alan and Christine Hight
Madeleine Entel and Bruce Hurter
Priscilla Jackett
Dayle Joseph
Jan Kelly
David and Vicki Kendziorski
David Lindstrom
Robert Littlefield
Susan Lyman
Ron and Mary Mador
Helen Malone
Joseph Manson
Norma Marcellino
Priscilla McChesney
Pauline McGaughey
Deborah McKown
Kathleen and Paul McNulty
Leigh Burrows and Sherry Medeiros
Diann Milone
Michael and Ellen Mulroney
David Walker and Kathleen Musser

Carl and Patricia Nadeau
Loretta Neilsen
Carol Dansky and Mary Nicolini
Dana Noble
Mary Oneil
Chrles Roth and Maureen Osborne
Melissa Phillips
John and Deirdre Portnoy
Char Priolo
Roger and Jill Putnam
David Young and Paul Roberts
Garrett and Marguerite Roosma
James Rudd
David and Shira Sands
Diane and Paul Scheffler
John and Donna Schleicher
Georgia Goddard Schneider
Miriam Selig
Margaret Shea
Irene Sherlock
Lucy Siegel
Elisabeth and Manny Smith
Donald and Ollie Sonberg
Gary Sorkin
William and Stephanie Stendardo
Karen Strauss
Connie Tavanis
John Thomas
Dennis and Carol Ubriaco
John Vasconcellos
Dick and Anna Watson
Barbara Wells
Jonathon and Christine Winder
Mary Wright